When Dan presented me with the tiny house, it was just the first step of a wonderful venture.  8 X 20’ of “whatever you want it to be”.  He had delegated 3’ for a bathroom (that was a good thing), but the remaining 17’ were all mine!

The analytical me knew I needed a space for sleeping. ( Dan had made a sleeping loft).  Foolish mortal, he had no idea that if his mom climbed up there, I would need one of those medical necklaces to squeeze and announce “help, I’ve climbed up and I can’t get down”.  Also necessary is a kitchen and dining area.



floor done 010floor done 015


The artistic side of me was jumping up and down with glee.  This is going to be such fun!  I knew since the bed was going to be on the “main floor” and space was a consideration, I opted for a futon…a really great futon, thick and lushy.  Not the kind you will find at Walmart!  You need to invest some “coins” here, but well worth the investment.  Also, this gives both a comfortable seating area when we have guests, as well as being able to sit with Rick and watch t.v. without feeling like we were perched on the side of the bed.  The t.v. will find a home in the loft.  How great is that!




floor done 017floor done 021

Instead of a table and chairs, I chose a bar.  It is in front of the window.  A definite plus for me because I love to look out at the garden.  There is plenty of room underneath for groceries.  But the best and most wonderful area is the kitchen.

Here you can see “my baby”, Gizmo, a tiny dog just made for a tiny house, as well as the dining area.

I spent the most time designing what I wanted in my kitchen, because,as you can see, I love to cook. (and eat!)  It’s amazing how consuming large quantities of salt and artery clogging fat always makes me feel happy!  Dan sent me a site on setting up a minimalist kitchen.  I was excited until she said the first thing she eliminated was the microwave.  WHAT!?!?!  I don’t know how to cook without a microwave.  I gave up an oven…I have a lovely bakery nearby that makes wonderful cakes, pies and pastries. but give up a microwave…heaven knows when I want popcorn at 11:00 p.m., I want it then!  It’s like keeping my coffee pot – NON NEGOTIABLE!

When the tiny house is finished I will tell you what I believe a minimalist kitchen should have.  What works and what does not.  Much remains to be seen but I promise you this.  It will have a microwave and a coffee pot!


Contrary to popular belief I have not dropped off the face of the earth…although it seemed like it even to me!

I read where someone wrote “I made plans, and God laughed”.  When I read that, I laughed.  I’m not laughing anymore.  Things were at a standstill for awhile but I’m back on track.

My husband, Rick, is for the most part a pretty good guy.  When I had open heart surgery a couple of years ago he really stepped up to the plate and took exceptional care of me (and continues to do so).  He is, however, not a man I would ever refer to as “handy”.  While attempting to repair a picture frame I had dropped I asked him to get me a screwdriver…he brought me a vodka and orange juice.  You get the picture.  However, once again he has stepped up to the plate.  I painted the tiles for the kitchen, as you know.  Rick researched the installation with both “tile guys” and the library.  Today he installed my tiles for the backsplash.  It looks phenomenal.  Way to go Rick.

First the blank kitchen…then the stuff that goes behind the tiles.



backsplash 006backsplash 003

backsplash 004


And now for the all important tiles.


backsplash 2 003backsplash 2 004


To everyone who has been instrumental in helping me with my dream!

How was the play.   Welcome to life.  As we go about our daily living, life has a way of throwing us a curve ball when we least expect it.  Some of these events are exciting…graduation, birth of a baby, weddings.  Other occurrences leave us hurt and wounded…illness,death of a friend… or a friendship.  We are left shaking our heads hoping this too shall pass (now would be good).  It is at that time that we must stop and take stock on what is important in our lives.   Circumstances are such that I find myself in that position now. 

I apologize to everyone who is following my adventures (and misadventures). I currently have no new pictures to post and no new updates.  But please know that this too shall pass.  This is like deja vu…I swear I said that before!  Now life is throwing me a wonderful curve in that we are going to a wedding.  Dan and Beth are going to “tie the knot” and we are truly excited and feel blessed to have a new daughter in law love in our family. 

Thank you all for following along with me and rest assured I’ll be back with new updates as soon as I can.

When I got home from my “mini vacation” this past week-end, I was delightfully surprised to find Bob working away in my tiny house.  This was not only unexpected, but downright fantastic.  It never ceases to amaze me how much work that man can accomplish in a short time.  He is constantly telling me not to worry so much (but I do). 

Let me share with you the wonderful things he had done for me.  The counter tops are in place and bolted down.  Here he is getting ready to install the kitchen sink.

counter tops 002 counter tops 003

This is the installation of my sink.  Isn’t it a beauty!

counter tops 004 counter tops 005


Here’s the faucet.  I chose a “bar faucet” because although it has everything I want, such as the end pulling out for a sprayer…this is a must for washing my pooch, etc., it is on a much smaller scale than a regular faucet.  Exactly what is needed for a tiny kitchen.  Also, I am really excited about my kitchen lighting fixture. Perfect!

counter tops 008 counter tops 011


I hope you are enjoying this adventure as much as I am.  Thank you to all of the people who are touching my life in such a positive way.  As with any adventure, sometimes the roads we travel down are not yet paved, but all of your encouragement make me glad to say “I’m hanging on”.  My greatest hope is that in the end, my son will be pleased with what I have done with his gift to me!

so they say.  That being said, I am feeling oh so virtuous!  I promised to get back to you, but believe me when I say sh** happens.  Bob did the formica on the cabinet fronts…not the doors (they are still in my future) but the actual fronts.  I took pictures but did not down-load them onto the computer. My husband, thinking that he was doing something wonderful erased all of my work.  I could hardly contain my excitement at that news…for those of you who don’t know me, that was my best shot at sarcasm!

My counter tops are here.  They are not installed, but they are here.  That was the sound of disappointment, not sarcasm.  The work that has been done is absolutely beautiful.  I am just a little more than anxious to see in come to fruition.  I am enclosing several pictures.  Mostly of my tiles and I know that is not what this is about, but since I have no tiny house pictures to share, “you get what I got”.

final kitchen tiles 014 final kitchen tiles 016 final kitchen tiles 004



final kitchen tiles 023

On a lighter note…

In my frustration, I have called up one of my “best buds” and I am leaving town tomorrow to spend the week-end with her.  Our priority is to go to an original Irish pub and get sloppy drunk!  After two beers I promise not to concern myself with lost pictures, lost time or a tiny house.

Until next time, CHEERS!

This morning when I awoke, it was indeed a new day.  My “crew”, Bob and his son Randy were here and working just as promised.

tile paintings 9 13 10 078 tile paintings 9 13 10 079

By day’s end they had delivered one of the kitchen cabinets.  Tomorrow morning they will be back to install it and do some other “stuff”.  Each day (weather permitting) I expect to see wonderful things happening before my eyes.

Bob convinced me to paint a backsplash for my tiny house.  I expect in part it was to keep me busy so that I would not be on his case every day about the cabinets!  That didn’t work, but I am creating a neat backsplash.  I am incorporating my love for birds as well as adding some of my favorite quotes.  I won’t bore you with all of my pictures and writings, but I will share a few.

tile paintings 9 13 10 029 tile paintings 9 13 10 030

These have been fired multiple times in the kiln and so will withstand much use (and abuse).

tile paintings 9 13 10 031 tile paintings 9 13 10 025

tile paintings 9 13 10 026 tile paintings 9 13 10 028

I expect I will be writing much more in the next few days.  My thanks once again to Bob for being there as promised.  My thanks to Lolly for allowing him to be there and for the gallons of coffee I have consumed at her dining room table while I “fretted”.  My undying love to Rick, my husband and partner in crime and to Dan, who never once believed I couldn’t master this computer. THANK YOU ALL!

When I first thought of setting up my tiny house I gave much consideration as to what should go where and why.  I imagined myself getting up in the morning and heading to the shower.  I purchased a clear shower curtain because I want to be able to see every inch of space available.  I know where the towel hook must go (no room for a towel bar) etc.  As I was mentally undressing, I realized that there was no place for a hamper.  This was definitely something to address.  I took my “problem” to my “carpenter” and as you can see…problem solved!  the top cabinet is for laundry and the bottom is for trash

aiden 003

Dan had visions of my setting up a small table and chairs near the kitchen but Bob is building me a long cabinet (Who can’t use more counter top space) With room underneath for canned goods and cereal boxes.

aiden 005

  Bob is busy with family obligations this week but has promised me that next week is dedicated to the tiny house.  I can hardly wait!            

My son, Dan, set up this blog for me and posted my pictures.  He is all too aware that I am a “newby” (do people actually still use that term???) and would surely botch it up so badly that it would take him forever to straighten the mess.  But I am willing to learn and someday will.
Now for my news.  I read his blog and know that many of you were aghast that I even considered for a moment to stain the interior of my tiny house.  Let me explain.  Growing up in the fifties, as I did, everyone had a rumpus room.  Today they are called wreck rooms, dens, even  “man caves”, but back then they were always knotty pine.  They may have been varnished, but they were always natural wood.  I have nothing against the retro look that is running rampant these days.  Some of it is familiar and comforting, but looking at those pine walls I could almost smell the beer that was a part of my dad’s “room”.  That was not the feeling I wanted in my bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, thank you very much.  Because I will be spending a LOT of time in my tiny house, and want my art pieces to be a big part of my environment, I knew that I wanted gray walls to showcase this art.  Not just gray walls, but gray with blue undertones as well.  We sampled a gazillion samples (O.K., so it was only 8, but it seemed to take forever for me to find just the right look.)  Dan mentioned that it was taking a long time for the staining, but it required staining blue, sanding, staining gray and applying polyurethane WHEW!!!  Rick did all of this in 100+ degrees every day.  So yes, it did take time, but it is exactly the look that I had hoped for.  You can’t imagine the sheer horror I felt when I saw the pictures posted.  I know the camera does some crazy things… since I have some pictures taken of me that make me look frumpy and old, and I’m not (at least not in my mind), but our walls are beautiful, not the yucky look in those pictures.  At this point I can only commend Dan for not getting on the telephone and saying “I told you so, Mom!”  Perhaps when I learn to do better with a camera (picture taking is sort of on a par with my computer skills) you will all have a chance to see what I see.


out side of the little house with steps

The tiny house has arrived and I never knew I had so many neighbors.  Everyone wants a “look see”.  The best one, though, is the little girl next door (she is 5) who asks constantly if she can gather up her favorite dolls and come over and play with me in my little play house.  When my house arrived much work had been done but much more was yet to be done.  Bob and Lolly are the best neighbors ever, and I have spent many a morning sipping a cup of coffee and discussing the world’s problems in their kitchen.  Now, with Bob as my #1 contractor (thankfully he works for cake) I have been able to tap into his brain and gather some wonderful ideas for the kitchen cabinets that he is building for me.  I wish I could take credit for some of these great plans that are happening, but they are all his.  I will take credit for the home-made cake though.
When the house arrived I could hardly wait until I could get inside with my trusty tape measure and start making plans.  Much to my son Dan’s chagrin I tend to think outside the box…Not exactly great news for an engineer but I was on cloud nine.  My first obstacle was getting into the house.  I watched my boys leap into the house as if their heritage was superman.  I on the other hand put new meaning to the term lead foot.  There was no way I could get my feet (or my fanny for that matter) up as high as the floor of the house.  My husband made me steps out of concrete blocks and I was on my way.  Unfortunately no one was around when it was time for me to exit.  There was no way I was going to take this leap of faith out and onto a couple of rickety old blocks that now seemed no bigger than a good sized stamp.  How the heck did I ever get up there in the first place?  I would like to think of myself as fearless.  After all I live in the state where roaches are as big as cows and alligators are almost an every day occurrence, not to mention those chameleons that scurry around outside just to keep you on your toes.  But stepping out into the unknown without a handrail was just asking for a body cast in my future.  I tried laying on my stomach and wiggling through the door (did I mention I never knew I had so many neighbors)  but now my knees caused my feet to point upward toward the sky and not down where the grass and good old concrete blocks were waiting.  What a mess!  I finally sat in the doorway and feeling like I was at the end of a pier fell out of the tiny house and onto the lawn.  The next afternoon Bob made me my own personal set of steps complete with hand rails!  Thank you Bob.

front step