My son, Dan, set up this blog for me and posted my pictures.  He is all too aware that I am a “newby” (do people actually still use that term???) and would surely botch it up so badly that it would take him forever to straighten the mess.  But I am willing to learn and someday will.
Now for my news.  I read his blog and know that many of you were aghast that I even considered for a moment to stain the interior of my tiny house.  Let me explain.  Growing up in the fifties, as I did, everyone had a rumpus room.  Today they are called wreck rooms, dens, even  “man caves”, but back then they were always knotty pine.  They may have been varnished, but they were always natural wood.  I have nothing against the retro look that is running rampant these days.  Some of it is familiar and comforting, but looking at those pine walls I could almost smell the beer that was a part of my dad’s “room”.  That was not the feeling I wanted in my bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, thank you very much.  Because I will be spending a LOT of time in my tiny house, and want my art pieces to be a big part of my environment, I knew that I wanted gray walls to showcase this art.  Not just gray walls, but gray with blue undertones as well.  We sampled a gazillion samples (O.K., so it was only 8, but it seemed to take forever for me to find just the right look.)  Dan mentioned that it was taking a long time for the staining, but it required staining blue, sanding, staining gray and applying polyurethane WHEW!!!  Rick did all of this in 100+ degrees every day.  So yes, it did take time, but it is exactly the look that I had hoped for.  You can’t imagine the sheer horror I felt when I saw the pictures posted.  I know the camera does some crazy things… since I have some pictures taken of me that make me look frumpy and old, and I’m not (at least not in my mind), but our walls are beautiful, not the yucky look in those pictures.  At this point I can only commend Dan for not getting on the telephone and saying “I told you so, Mom!”  Perhaps when I learn to do better with a camera (picture taking is sort of on a par with my computer skills) you will all have a chance to see what I see.