When I first thought of setting up my tiny house I gave much consideration as to what should go where and why.  I imagined myself getting up in the morning and heading to the shower.  I purchased a clear shower curtain because I want to be able to see every inch of space available.  I know where the towel hook must go (no room for a towel bar) etc.  As I was mentally undressing, I realized that there was no place for a hamper.  This was definitely something to address.  I took my “problem” to my “carpenter” and as you can see…problem solved!  the top cabinet is for laundry and the bottom is for trash

aiden 003

Dan had visions of my setting up a small table and chairs near the kitchen but Bob is building me a long cabinet (Who can’t use more counter top space) With room underneath for canned goods and cereal boxes.

aiden 005

  Bob is busy with family obligations this week but has promised me that next week is dedicated to the tiny house.  I can hardly wait!