This morning when I awoke, it was indeed a new day.  My “crew”, Bob and his son Randy were here and working just as promised.

tile paintings 9 13 10 078 tile paintings 9 13 10 079

By day’s end they had delivered one of the kitchen cabinets.  Tomorrow morning they will be back to install it and do some other “stuff”.  Each day (weather permitting) I expect to see wonderful things happening before my eyes.

Bob convinced me to paint a backsplash for my tiny house.  I expect in part it was to keep me busy so that I would not be on his case every day about the cabinets!  That didn’t work, but I am creating a neat backsplash.  I am incorporating my love for birds as well as adding some of my favorite quotes.  I won’t bore you with all of my pictures and writings, but I will share a few.

tile paintings 9 13 10 029 tile paintings 9 13 10 030

These have been fired multiple times in the kiln and so will withstand much use (and abuse).

tile paintings 9 13 10 031 tile paintings 9 13 10 025

tile paintings 9 13 10 026 tile paintings 9 13 10 028

I expect I will be writing much more in the next few days.  My thanks once again to Bob for being there as promised.  My thanks to Lolly for allowing him to be there and for the gallons of coffee I have consumed at her dining room table while I “fretted”.  My undying love to Rick, my husband and partner in crime and to Dan, who never once believed I couldn’t master this computer. THANK YOU ALL!