so they say.  That being said, I am feeling oh so virtuous!  I promised to get back to you, but believe me when I say sh** happens.  Bob did the formica on the cabinet fronts…not the doors (they are still in my future) but the actual fronts.  I took pictures but did not down-load them onto the computer. My husband, thinking that he was doing something wonderful erased all of my work.  I could hardly contain my excitement at that news…for those of you who don’t know me, that was my best shot at sarcasm!

My counter tops are here.  They are not installed, but they are here.  That was the sound of disappointment, not sarcasm.  The work that has been done is absolutely beautiful.  I am just a little more than anxious to see in come to fruition.  I am enclosing several pictures.  Mostly of my tiles and I know that is not what this is about, but since I have no tiny house pictures to share, “you get what I got”.

final kitchen tiles 014 final kitchen tiles 016 final kitchen tiles 004



final kitchen tiles 023

On a lighter note…

In my frustration, I have called up one of my “best buds” and I am leaving town tomorrow to spend the week-end with her.  Our priority is to go to an original Irish pub and get sloppy drunk!  After two beers I promise not to concern myself with lost pictures, lost time or a tiny house.

Until next time, CHEERS!