When I got home from my “mini vacation” this past week-end, I was delightfully surprised to find Bob working away in my tiny house.  This was not only unexpected, but downright fantastic.  It never ceases to amaze me how much work that man can accomplish in a short time.  He is constantly telling me not to worry so much (but I do). 

Let me share with you the wonderful things he had done for me.  The counter tops are in place and bolted down.  Here he is getting ready to install the kitchen sink.

counter tops 002 counter tops 003

This is the installation of my sink.  Isn’t it a beauty!

counter tops 004 counter tops 005


Here’s the faucet.  I chose a “bar faucet” because although it has everything I want, such as the end pulling out for a sprayer…this is a must for washing my pooch, etc., it is on a much smaller scale than a regular faucet.  Exactly what is needed for a tiny kitchen.  Also, I am really excited about my kitchen lighting fixture. Perfect!

counter tops 008 counter tops 011


I hope you are enjoying this adventure as much as I am.  Thank you to all of the people who are touching my life in such a positive way.  As with any adventure, sometimes the roads we travel down are not yet paved, but all of your encouragement make me glad to say “I’m hanging on”.  My greatest hope is that in the end, my son will be pleased with what I have done with his gift to me!