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When Dan presented me with the tiny house, it was just the first step of a wonderful venture.  8 X 20’ of “whatever you want it to be”.  He had delegated 3’ for a bathroom (that was a good thing), but the remaining 17’ were all mine!

The analytical me knew I needed a space for sleeping. ( Dan had made a sleeping loft).  Foolish mortal, he had no idea that if his mom climbed up there, I would need one of those medical necklaces to squeeze and announce “help, I’ve climbed up and I can’t get down”.  Also necessary is a kitchen and dining area.



floor done 010floor done 015


The artistic side of me was jumping up and down with glee.  This is going to be such fun!  I knew since the bed was going to be on the “main floor” and space was a consideration, I opted for a futon…a really great futon, thick and lushy.  Not the kind you will find at Walmart!  You need to invest some “coins” here, but well worth the investment.  Also, this gives both a comfortable seating area when we have guests, as well as being able to sit with Rick and watch t.v. without feeling like we were perched on the side of the bed.  The t.v. will find a home in the loft.  How great is that!




floor done 017floor done 021

Instead of a table and chairs, I chose a bar.  It is in front of the window.  A definite plus for me because I love to look out at the garden.  There is plenty of room underneath for groceries.  But the best and most wonderful area is the kitchen.

Here you can see “my baby”, Gizmo, a tiny dog just made for a tiny house, as well as the dining area.

I spent the most time designing what I wanted in my kitchen, because,as you can see, I love to cook. (and eat!)  It’s amazing how consuming large quantities of salt and artery clogging fat always makes me feel happy!  Dan sent me a site on setting up a minimalist kitchen.  I was excited until she said the first thing she eliminated was the microwave.  WHAT!?!?!  I don’t know how to cook without a microwave.  I gave up an oven…I have a lovely bakery nearby that makes wonderful cakes, pies and pastries. but give up a microwave…heaven knows when I want popcorn at 11:00 p.m., I want it then!  It’s like keeping my coffee pot – NON NEGOTIABLE!

When the tiny house is finished I will tell you what I believe a minimalist kitchen should have.  What works and what does not.  Much remains to be seen but I promise you this.  It will have a microwave and a coffee pot!


Contrary to popular belief I have not dropped off the face of the earth…although it seemed like it even to me!

I read where someone wrote “I made plans, and God laughed”.  When I read that, I laughed.  I’m not laughing anymore.  Things were at a standstill for awhile but I’m back on track.

My husband, Rick, is for the most part a pretty good guy.  When I had open heart surgery a couple of years ago he really stepped up to the plate and took exceptional care of me (and continues to do so).  He is, however, not a man I would ever refer to as “handy”.  While attempting to repair a picture frame I had dropped I asked him to get me a screwdriver…he brought me a vodka and orange juice.  You get the picture.  However, once again he has stepped up to the plate.  I painted the tiles for the kitchen, as you know.  Rick researched the installation with both “tile guys” and the library.  Today he installed my tiles for the backsplash.  It looks phenomenal.  Way to go Rick.

First the blank kitchen…then the stuff that goes behind the tiles.



backsplash 006backsplash 003

backsplash 004


And now for the all important tiles.


backsplash 2 003backsplash 2 004