Contrary to popular belief I have not dropped off the face of the earth…although it seemed like it even to me!

I read where someone wrote “I made plans, and God laughed”.  When I read that, I laughed.  I’m not laughing anymore.  Things were at a standstill for awhile but I’m back on track.

My husband, Rick, is for the most part a pretty good guy.  When I had open heart surgery a couple of years ago he really stepped up to the plate and took exceptional care of me (and continues to do so).  He is, however, not a man I would ever refer to as “handy”.  While attempting to repair a picture frame I had dropped I asked him to get me a screwdriver…he brought me a vodka and orange juice.  You get the picture.  However, once again he has stepped up to the plate.  I painted the tiles for the kitchen, as you know.  Rick researched the installation with both “tile guys” and the library.  Today he installed my tiles for the backsplash.  It looks phenomenal.  Way to go Rick.

First the blank kitchen…then the stuff that goes behind the tiles.



backsplash 006backsplash 003

backsplash 004


And now for the all important tiles.


backsplash 2 003backsplash 2 004